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The Rothschilds are fighting hunger for years to come

Elliot and Barbara Rothschild

"It's a joyful event to give," Elliot Rothschild says.

He and his wife, Barbara, have been giving to Northern Illinois Food Bank for nearly a decade. The couple shares their resources with several worthy charities, but Barbara says she feels compelled to support the Food Bank because she believes that people have to take care of one another when we're able.

In addition to their financial contributions, Elliot and Barbara have volunteered at local food pantries and soup kitchens. During the summer months Barbara gives her time at the children's garden at Chicago Botanic Gardens, where kids who live in the inner city learn to garden and harvest fresh produce. Likewise, Elliot has been a loyal volunteer with the Highland Park District's Nature Center for more than 25 years.

To help ensure the next generation will have access to the food they need to thrive, Elliot and Barbara made the commitment to continue fighting hunger after their lifetimes by joining Northern Illinois Food Bank's Tomorrow's Harvest society. They've planned an annuity gift to the Food Bank, which will be used to distribute nutritious food long into the future.

They say they're glad to leave a legacy of hope, generosity and gratitude by sharing their abundance through an estate gift in support of hunger relief.

"There is a certain sense of if people don't feel fed, they don't feel safe," Elliot explains. "If they don't feel safe, there is no healing. If there is no healing, there is no prosperity for anybody."

Thank you, Elliot and Barbara, for your commitment to solving hunger in communities across Northern Illinois.

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