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Leaving a Legacy of Hope

Friends like you have the power to share hope in our community today, tomorrow, and long into the future. We'd like to share just a few stories of our most devoted supporters who joined our Tomorrow's Harvest society when they decided to donate a percentage of their estate to providing meals to kids, families, and seniors here in Northern Illinois for years to come. The Food Bank couldn't do what we do without your generosity, for which we are deeply grateful.

Kevin and Lisa are passionate about making sure no one goes hungry

Lisa and Kevin

Kevin Beyer and Lisa Gades are extraordinarily busy. Between their work at Argonne National Laboratory, the classes they teach at Benedictine University, and the two kittens they recently began fostering, there is little downtime in their day-to-day schedules. Read More

Jeffery leaves a legacy for loved ones and neighbors in need alike

Jeffery Frohlich

Recently, Marianne—a valued member of our Food Bank family for more than ten years and trusted CDL driver—shared an inspiring story about her late brother-in-law, Jeffery Frohlich. Read More

Roger and Sandy are ensuring the next generation can thrive

Roger and Sandy Jensen

"I knew there was a need, but I didn't realize how much of a need there really is," says Sandy Jensen. Sandy and her husband, Roger, have been dedicated Food Bank volunteers since the late '90s. Read More

John and Cindy are leaving a legacy of hope

Cindy and John Sheely

John Sheely, a former telecommunications professional, and his wife, Cindy, a retired special education teacher, joined the fight against hunger several years ago. John first got involved at a work-sponsored volunteer day at Northern Illinois Food Bank. Read More

The Rothschilds are fighting hunger for years to come

Barbara and Elliot Rothschild

"It's a joyful event to give," Elliot Rothschild says. He and his wife, Barbara, have been giving to Northern Illinois Food Bank for nearly a decade. The couple shares their resources with several worthy charities, but Barbara says she feels compelled to support the Food Bank because she believes that people have to take care of one another when we're able. Read More

Earl and Kay Harbaugh help the Food Bank plan for future generations

Earl and Kay Harbaugh

"We were on the edge, too," Earl Harbaugh says, remembering growing up in a rural area of Pennsylvania. "Everybody helps everybody in a farming community." He and his wife, Kay, have brought that philosophy of caring to their own community here in Northern Illinois. The couple moved here more than 40 years ago, and now their family owns and operates several construction equipment businesses in the area. Read More

Dr. Morris is building a brighter tomorrow…today

Dr. Tim Morris

Dr. Tim Morris is passionate about solving hunger. In addition to supporting the Food Bank's work financially, he gives his time at Mobile Pantry distributions, volunteers at our Geneva center, and educates others about hunger. As a professor of philosophy at North Central College in Naperville, a position he held for nearly four decades, Dr. Morris and another professor teamed up to instruct students on the ethics and economics of food and water. He's knowledgeable about food insecurity issues in the U.S. and around the world. Read More

A lasting legacy from Ruth E. Bruch

Ruth E. Bruch

Northern Illinois Food Bank is humbled and honored to have received an unexpected gift from Ruth E. Bruch. Ruth passed away last fall, leaving $25,000 from her estate to the Food Bank. Ruth had been an annual donor to the Food Bank since 2003. Ruth's husband, John Gigerich, said she left money to many important causes through her estate. He said they both lived by the same thought: For those who have much, much is expected. Read More

Leave a legacy of hope

Donors who choose to leave even 1 percent of their estate to the Food Bank can drastically change lives for the better in the process. You can make a lasting impact in just three easy steps:

STEP 1: Decide how you’d like to give.

STEP 2: Schedule time to chat with your attorney.

STEP 3: Become a member of Tomorrow’s Harvest by notifying us of your gift.

For more information, please contact Gina Gramarosso, Director of Strategic and Legacy Gifts, at or call 630-443-6910, ext. 130.

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